Mourinho’s wishes: “I hope Zaniolo stays, great feeling with Belotti”

ROME – The home debut inspires José Mourinho to have a French attitude. No, don’t expect colorful phrases or over-the-top expressions: when he whispers into the microphone “sorry for Frenchism” he really uses a Parisian expression: “savoir-faire”, he says. He certainly does not miss it. Not even in the most delicate moments. Not even in the complex management of a city euphoric to the point of filling the Olimpico also for Roma-Cremonese, which has no other appeal other than being the official home debut of the new Dybala, Matic and Wijnaldum.

Mourinho: “We’ll try to win the Europa League, it’s more difficult in Italy”

But that’s how he is, he knows how to beat the wave. He knows that talking about goals would be wrong. For those, the Special One is kept low, if not very low: “We can finish fifth or fourth,” he says. In short, one would have to answer: in the summer the general manager Pinto and his property brought him Dybala, Matic and Wijnaldum as a gift. But he insists: “In Italy we have strengthened ourselves but also the others, for the sake of Italian football. Italian competitions are difficult to win.” But José leaves a window in view of the cups open: “We won the Conference, the Europa League is not a very different competition. If we had the ability, the desire and the mental strength to win it last year, we must put everything on ‘Europa League and we’ll see if we can get there. It’s difficult to say we can win, let’s see if we can do it. ” The Cup yes, the Scudetto no: this is the synthesis of his programmatic speech.

Mou: “I hope a striker arrives, Shoumurodov and Felix at a level far from the owners”

To do this, however, it needs a couple of things. “If you ask me if I would like to have another striker in the squad I don’t answer because manager Tiago Pinto knows it and I just have to wait with the hope that it can be done. If it cannot be done, we will go on with what we have. Belotti? were a player of Turin or another team I would not answer, but since he is free I can say something: if it is true that he really wants to come to Roma, I really like this feeling. I know. Let’s wait and see. ” Until that moment, we will hardly see Shomurodov or Felix, officially on the market (Cremonese can take Felix): “Why didn’t I put them in Salerno? The goal was not to make the club or director Pinto understand that I wanted another striker. . It was winning the game. When you don’t have a player on the bench of the same level as you have on the pitch, you have to make other choices. The strengths I had on the bench were quality, experience and, sorry for the French, savoir-faire by Matic and Wijnaldum. They controlled the game. ”

Mourinho: “Zaniolo? I hope he stays”

But Mourinho allows himself more. Raising a question that seemed closed: the stay of Nicolò Zaniolo. “If he stays here? It is a question for the director and not for me. If you ask me if I would really like him to stay here, I do not hide it and I say yes. It is important for us, in the puzzle we have built it is much more important for us first “. The reason he explains it himself: “Nicolò is very well. Physically he seems very agile and fresh and for a player like him it is not easy to last 90 minutes with that intensity of play. For me it is thanks to him and only then do we, me and the staff, to train him well, to give him motivation “. Also because behind the strikers the choices do not give up: “If you look at our team, in the position in which Dybala and Nicolò play, we don’t have much. We have the two of them, plus El Shaarawy, plus Pellegrini. These are the four we have to play in these. positions “. About Pellegrini: He has really become a great player: he can play anywhere and this is a very important advantage for me, for us. ”


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