“My life is all a film, now I bring it to the competition at the Mostra” – Corriere.it

from Stefania Ulivi

Giuliano’s daughter protagonist of Vera by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, in competition in the Orizzonti section. In the cast also the best friend, Asia Argento

Mister Universo brought them together. Tizza was working on that four-handed circus doc with Rainer Frimmel and I was in a tent just outside Rome, training as a tamer. She gets curious. We started talking, the complicity started. I have seen their films and have liked them. As a joke I said: I would also make an appearance for you. When she informed me that she was writing a film with me as the protagonist, I didn’t want to believe it. She should have done it. Now Vera by Covi and Frimmel in competition in Venice 79 in the Orizzonti section. Protagonist Vera Gemma. One that, she tells Corriere, struggles to distinguish between real life and cinema. Which also happens to those who listen to it, to be honest. Romana, 52 years old, daughter of Giuliano Gemma and his first wife Natalia Roberti, made her debut at the age of 6 in The great attack by Umberto Lenzi, alongside his father (and Henry Fonda and John Huston). The only time with dad – he is keen to point out -, together with my sister. The director convinced him, it was a scene in which he returned to the family to his daughters. While appreciating me, he never pushed me: the road is yours, he said to me. In her curriculum she boasts several jobs, all proudly claimed: actress, director, writer, stripper, tamer of tigers and lions, reality TV contestant. A life of (more than a) novel that prompted Covi and Frimmel to elaborate some fragments. The Austrian-made film was shot in Rome. It takes inspiration from some things that have happened to me. I who move away from the hypocritical world of the show in which I am not understood. Never taken to auditions, you are not the beautiful or the ugly who makes you laugh often do not find a place. In the film Vera moves away from her environment to throw herself into the world of the township in search of truth. she is very proud of the work done. I gave my soul, I also made my own costume designer, as shown in the credits.

Asia, the friend of all time

In the cast, alongside Daniel de Palma, Sebastian Descalu, there is the long-time accomplice, Asia Argento. She makes my best friend. We became one when she was 11 and I was 15. I immediately understood her absolute genius. We read poetry, we cried together over the lines of Herman Hesse. We have never separated, she also knows me more than my sister, without taking anything away from mine. She has always been there, she points out, she has followed her along all of her hairpin bends. The theater first of all in the cellars of the then Roman underground. Cinema, with Dario Argento, Pupi Avati, Sergio Citti, Paolo Virz. Small parts with great directors, I’m proud of it. But I’m sorry not to have done more, it was my daily bread. Then the American parenthesis. I knew that Tarantino admired my father. And through a director friend of Asia, Eli Roth, I got the contact. I told him I was ready to cook for him. After a month the invitation arrives. I left with the vacuum-packed bacon to make him carbonara. To support himself he worked as a stripper for a year. Then the meeting with her son’s father, a blues singer. And the return to Italy. My father had died, the last time I saw him was in Los Angeles, to present my doc about him. He was happy with it. Even the work in the circus linked to Giuliano. He loved him very much, I went there with him. He said he would do anything but get into the lions’ cage. I went there, also to show him that I don’t lack courage. On September 2, he would have turned 84. And I will be at the Lido with the film. He never went to the exhibition. I like to think that he will watch over me.

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