Naples-Spezia, another opaque proof of Ndombele: the attack comes from the newspaper!

How could it possibly have been foreseen, yesterday Napoli did not shine, far from it. The slag after the extraordinary victory in the Champions League against Liverpool they have seen and heard, especially in those players who, at the moment, are not considered immovable holders.

In the post-game press conference Luciano Spalletti once again stressed how The players have to catch their breath and take turnsespecially in a season as different from the others as the current one, in which it is literally played always every three days.

Much of the win against Liverpool has passed since midfield, with the monstrous tests of Lobotka and Anguissa. Yesterday, however, Spalletti decided to field again the owner Tanguy Ndombelewhich however provided another opaque proof.

PHOTO: Getty – Ndombele Naples

Exactly like against Lecce, however, yesterday the Frenchman remained on the field only for the first 45 ‘, coming in both cases replaced by Lobotka at the beginning of the second half. The difference was evident, as also evidenced by The Gazzetta dello Sport in its current edition:

“Ndombele cannot be discussed in terms of technical quality. However he is still behind physically and, in a team that runs – usually well, as well as at a remarkable pace – Tanguy looked like a fish out of water. Classmates they didn’t keep him at the center of the game.

No rejection, Ndombele’s class will end up weighing in the Napoli season, but today its insertion is a bit complex. Because giving him time means braking an engine which, on the other hand, in other respects, Spalletti has well lubricated ”.

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