NASA, the new extraordinary images of the Webb Telescope: the Phantom Galaxy “in front” of the Earth – Photos

Amazing new images of the telescopes Webb And Hubble. After Jupiterthis time it’s up to Ghost Galaxy (M794), a spiral of solar systems. It is located in the constellation of Pisces and is positioned almost in front of the Landfrom which it is about 32 million light years. To announce it are there NASA and theHexwho report that it is a particular class of galaxies known as “Grand design spiral┬╗, Characterized by regular spiral structures. Webb found within the galaxy “delicate filaments of gas and dust┬╗Which develop from the center of the image outwards.

The tools used

In analyzing the Ghost Galaxy, the Webb telescope also used the Mid-InfraRed Instrument (MIRI), the tool that allows you to identify the early stages of star formation. In addition to Webb, the Hubble telescope also played a role, giving a very clear view a ultraviolet wavelengths and this made it possible to “photograph” the extremely bright areas of the star formations. While Webb is better at observing the wavelengths of infrared light.

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