News about Pogba’s injury: it happened today!

On the one hand, the head of tomorrow night’s match against Paris Saint Germain for the debut in the Champions League 2022/2023, on the other hand the hope of recovering as soon as possible those important players who are not yet available due to their respective injuries. : Paul Pogba and Federico Chiesa.

Already this morning we talked about the conditions of the two players, with the Frenchman still having some problems and the Italian international who sees his return to the field ever further.

On Pogbahowever, there are some important news of the last hour.

Getty Images, Paul Pogba

In fact, according to what he reports Giovanni Albanese on your profile Twitterthe Octopus he was going to train on the field this morning, at Keep going.

Very good news for Massimiliano Merry but not only. The midfielder, about a month ago, had decided not to resort to the operation, so as not to have to stay out for long, but he had preferred a conservative therapy that would make him return to the field earlier.

In home Juvetherefore, they hope for a quick recovery, also because Pogba serves this team and the dream is that he will return to being the overflowing player seen in the past years in black and white and in the national team, seen excessive power, however, a few times with the Manchester shirt United.

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