Nicola Savino, after the farewell to the island, has his say on the Totti-Blasi separation

Nicola Savino will be back on the air tonight with his new game show on Tv8 “100% Italy“at 20.30.

Relations with Mediaset

Before leaving, the conductor talked about himself in an interview with Fan Page, in which he rattled off the reasons for his farewell to Mediaset. No hard feelings with the patron Piersilvio Berlusconi, assures Savino: “We are friends and, in some way we are similar, even if it doesn’t seem like it, because we share family, children and more or less the same age and we are passionate about sports. When we see each other I see that the people around begin to leave slowly because we start talking about technical things, running and cycling, percentages. We mainly talk about sports. But we have a good relationship ”.

The indiscretion on Fiorello

In addition to the new projects in the pipeline, during the chat, the presenter retraced his career, from the Festival Bar to the After Festival. About Sanremo, Savino di Fiorello, a friend of his, who has long been away from the scene, is asked. Nicola has no doubts, and anticipates that Fiore will soon return to the small screen with a new project: “I think he is about to return, it seems clear to me. I don’t know the details. He is a number 1 and decides where to be, when not to be there, where to go and what to do. I’d do it too if I were him. Prolonged absence is part of private life. Fiorello is not a cartoon, he has a life of his own doing his own thing, holidays, enjoying his family, his wife. He lives his life. Now he has also done a long theatrical tour. What I am saying is that Italy needs Fiorello, to see him ”.

Savino has his say on the Totti-Blasi separation

With the new commitment as presenter of Tv8 we will no longer see Savino in the role of commentator on the Isola dei Famosi together with Vladimir Luxuria. In his place it seems there will be the envoy from Honduras Alvin. A difficult farewell for Nicola, beloved in the role of columnist, who with Luxuria and the hostess Ilary Blasi created hilarious curtains during the past editions. With a nod to the island, a joke on the gossip of the moment could certainly not be missing, the much talked about Totti-Blasi separation. A news that seems to have regretted the TV presenter, great friend of Ilary, who, however, is not unbalanced: “I was disappointed like all Italians. Here we are beyond Al Bano and Romina. It is those marriages that represent us, it must be said: that couple there, it is us. There was intense and you could see how much they loved each other. It was bad. A separation is never good news ”.


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