Nicolas does not forget the poisons and replies

Island of the Famous

The actor and the former islander reunited in the English capital: Nicolas also replied to those who had questioned the friendship

Great reunion, Nicolas Vaporidis and Edoardo Tavassi they met again. All as promised, in the face of those who believed that the friendship between the two blossomed a The Island of the Famous was only a facade, that is, cultivated for obscure strategies to get to the bottom of the reality of the castaways. The actor and Gwendolyn’s brother at the bottom of the show got there (the first won the program, the second had to leave due to an injury one step away from the final), but not because of a phony friendship. Quite the contrary: the public appreciated their truthfulness and rewarded them. And he did well, with hindsight: Vaporidis and Tavassi have really close a bond of esteem and affection, as evidenced by the London trip of ‘Edo’ who, finally, was able to see life british of the companion. Of course, she didn’t miss the opportunity to document some of the highlights of her English leg on Instagram.

In the past few hours Edoardo has landed in London and, of course, to welcome him could only be Nicolas who went to the airport to ‘pick him up’. “A fi … ta, it’s like I’m driving but I don’t have the steering wheel”, Tavassi’s astonishment, evidently struck by the fact that in England drive in reverse with respect to the rest of Europe. After that, the ‘couple’ reached Vaporidis’ house to have lunch.

So a trip to the British capital in the company of the mysterious girlfriend of the actor. There girl is called Ali and she is very reserved so much so that ‘Edo’ took it back, but not in the face. “Ali’s hand, she is Nicolas’s girlfriend”the Roman joked, shooting the woman sitting at a table in a bar.

“They said we weren’t friends, but instead …”

In the end, the highlight of the trip: dinner a Trastevere tavern, the Vaporidis restaurant. Strictly Italian cuisine, with typical Roman products and combinations. As soon as ‘Edo’ and Nicolas arrived at the restaurant, the latter took a few pebbles from his shoes, mindful of some criticisms that had hit him during his route to L’Isola dei Famosi. “You are not friends, they said. It’s all fake, they said. He will never visit you at Taverna Trastever, they said And instead … “, the interpreter of Night before exams who, together with his friend, replied with facts to those who scattered poison.

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