Nightmare camping, two boys besieged in tents by a group of geese

The camping it is an activity without half measures: either you hate it, or you love it. A young woman, who for the first time experienced the thrill of sleeping in a tent, will certainly enroll in the first group.

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Nightmare camping with the attack of the geese …

The very singular misadventure experienced by a young couple is witnessed by a video on TikTok. A boy had decided to take his girlfriend on a camping trip for the first time. At some point, however, the nightmare attack arrives: some geese they approach the tent, forcing the couple to seal themselves inside. As the animals begin to peck at the curtain, the couple are initially terrified, then laugh at such a surrealist scene.


I took this girl on a camping date and this happens !! she she’s never been before πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ’€

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…but not only

All finished? Not at all. Spending time in close contact with nature can also cause other unforeseen events. The couple, suddenly, saw a horse appear which, intrigued, had approached the nose to the plastic window. The girl appears worried again, her boyfriend tries to calm her down in a decidedly unconvincing way: Β«Don’t worry, everything is fine. You haven’t even seen us. ‘ All this, while the horse observes the inside of the tent with a curious look.

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