no one has money for the new ones, ask for this gift

There is still a bonus for new cars but there is also a bonus for used cars, because now families no longer have the money for the new ones.

The situation of the families Italians is really too precarious between poor work and bills that always go up.


Many families are in trouble and we see how among the government car bonuses there is also that for usedwhich is much more useful.

The car bonuses: there is also one for used cars

The government’s car bonuses are numerous but the problem is that Italians are in a very fragile condition and to buy the new car I don’t want to know.


Between September and October there will be a very hard sting of bills and jobs are increasingly precarious. The first bonus put in place by the government is that for new cars. That’s up to 7500 euros to buy the new electric car scrapping the old one. Italians are definitely not interested in this bonus today. Buying an expensive new electric car isn’t a big deal tempting. But the other bonuses are more interesting.

Used car bonus

Before seeing the bonus for the purchase of used cars it is important to underline how the aids on the car are various. For example, there is the retrofit bonus which is very special. The retrofit bonus in fact pays 3500 euros to replace the engine of your car with a modern electric motor. This operation is called retrofit. Anyone will do the retrofit and replace the engine diesel and petrol with an electric one will receive a reimbursement 60% up to a maximum of 3500 euros. But in addition to this help there is also the very precious one on the stamp. In fact, anyone who pays the stamp duty with domiciliation on the current account will receive a 20% discount.

How to claim the bonus on used cars

But as mentioned, there is also special and very ethical help on buying used cars. Indeed there is the rich possibility of having a 19% discount on the purchase of a used car. This very important help is up to those who have a disabled family member in the house whom they constantly take care of. But the advantages are many. In fact, if the car is used for the transport of the disabled in addition to having the personal income tax deduction of 19% there is also an exemption from stamp. But when you buy a used car you must also make the change of ownership, but even here there is help because you do not pay the stamp duty.

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