Nobody has the money for new cars anymore and the bonus arrives on used ones, even the road tax

Auto bonuses are changing because it is mainly the economic situation of families that is doing it.

Let’s see what changes on the car bonus front and above all what concrete help there is for families.


The point to understand is that the classic 7,500 euro car bonus for electric cars now it is really uninteresting for Italians. In fact, Italian families are in considerable difficulty from an economic point of view because the incomes are always lower and increasingly precarious and on the other hand inflation is now very high.

The new bonuses you really need

In this situation, therefore, for families to think about spending a lot of money on the purchase of an expensive one new and electric car it is absolutely absurd.


So this € 7,500 bonus for the purchase of a new electric car is of little interest to families today the really useful bonuses are quite different. Italian families are severely tested by this inflation and this is witnessed precisely by the collapse of registrations and above all from the collapse of the sale of electric cars. In fact, registrations in Italy continue to decline and this does not surprise the experts in the automotive sector. But in recent months it is electric cars in particular that are no longer being sold and then let’s see what aids are actually useful for motorists.

Help on stamp duty

A first concrete help for motorists is saving on car tax. In fact, you can have a 20% discount on the car tax by paying with domiciliation on the bank or postal current account. So with this very simple operation you will not run the risk of forgetting the date of payment of the car tax and in addition you will also have the Discount 20%. This is a concession that can be requested practically throughout Italy, but the strongest subsidy on the car front is has just for the purchase of used cars and is reserved only for some Italians.

Savings on the used car

In fact on the purchase of used cars there is the possibility of having a rich tax deduction and there is also the possibility of completely avoiding the car tax. These are obviously two very strong aids which, however, are not available to all Italians. In fact to be able to deduct partially the costs of buying the used car and to be able to completely eliminate the payment of the road tax in the same car will be those families who assist a citizen protected by law 104. In fact it is precisely the car used to transport the disabled to benefit from these strong aids.

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