Noemi Bocchi, you said yes Francesco Totti in seventh heaven. Sensational news

In recent weeks they have been the protagonists of the wildest gossip, we constantly talk about them, the love story between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi which seems to be proceeding for the best, despite the false news and the denials about her alleged pregnancy. In the last few days, a bombshell has arrived that has driven everyone crazy. She said yes. Here’s what we know, we tell you how it went.

One of the most talked about and loved stories both at the beginning of the love idyll and at the end was certainly the one between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti who officially separated on 11 July announcing the matter in two separate press releases. Surely what shocked the couple’s fans the most is that the Pupone immediately turned the page and we saw him practically immediately next to another woman: Noemi Bocchi, inevitably ended up in the eye of the storm between unbridled gossip and false news on the evolution of the relationship with the former captain of Roma.

Ilary Blasi, for his part, in order not to fall into the trap of rumors and to enjoy the holidays with his family and children, has traveled all summer between Tanzania and the Dolomites and a passage to Sabaudia and then to the Marche. Certainly it would have been a hard blow for her to see that her ex-husband was already getting along with someone else who apparently had been dating since before the official separation, so much so that the end of the relationship is attributed to a betrayal, although none of the two ever said anything official.

During these hot weeks marked in the queue by waves of bad weather, the gossip storm that hit Blasi and Totti would also see a new relationship for her even if it is not yet understood who it is. Many names have flocked but none confirmed. But in the meantime there are new implications in the summer couple Bocchi – Totti

Noemi said yes and the web goes wild

A new scoop has come out in the last few days and once again concerns the former captain of Rome, Francesco Totti and his new lady, Noemi Bocchi.

The couple seems to be moving forward on the path of love, happy and satisfied and she said Yes. Incredible but true.

It seems that after an initial doubt Noemi Bocchi said “Yes” and decided to move closer to Francesco Totti. It seems he was the one who asked his partner to be closer to him in this difficult moment.

No marriage, therefore, as some might think since the couple is practically forging ahead, but we will see the evolution of this relationship and very soon, after the summer it will be discovered if it was just a passing adventure or something. moreover.

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