Not only Bonus 200 euros, all the concessions that are disappearing: the big joke

There are many benefits that are disappearing due to missing financial resources: here are all the bonuses that will no longer exist.

The Italian economic situation is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in conjunction with the energy crisis and the possible total interruption of Russian gas supplies: in order to remedy some of the support guaranteed by Mario Draghi’s executive in support of families and businesses.

bonuses canceled in Italy on

It will almost certainly not be confirmed bonus 200 euros: to counteract inflation, we could rather act on the increase in salaries, acting on the tax wedge or on the contractual minimum. Goodbye also to the facade bonus, that is to the 60% personal income tax deduction for those who shop for the renovation of the external facade of their home.

To carry out work at home, being able to count on certain concessions, you can use the restructuring bonus at 50% and the eco-bonus up to 75% for interventions that lead to energy savings.

Expiring bonuses: here are all the incentives that Italians will have to give up

Also expiring on December 31st Dragons bonus, the incentive for the purchase of the first home for the under 36 which consists in the elimination of registration and value added taxes. To this was added a public guarantee for loans. And the Superbonus 110%? You can take advantage of the discount only on condition that at 30 September 2022 work has been carried out for at least 30% of the total intervention.

We will need an extension for the pets bonuswhich consists of a tax deduction designed for owners of dogs, cats and other pets on the veterinary expenses that can be tracked: this is a decrease of 19% compared to the expenditure incurred for a maximum of 80 euros.

Among the other expiring bonuses we also mention TV, decoder and petrol scrapping bonuses. In the latter case, the contribution is at the discretion of private employers: they can choose whether or not to provide this aid up to a maximum of 200 euros for petrol and other types of fuels, such as diesel, methane and LPG.

Italian bonuses
Italian bonuses on

For the TV scrapping bonus you can reach 20% of the cost of the device, up to a maximum of 100 euros, but you must be resident in Italy and have scrapped an “obsolete” device, in addition to being able to certify the payment of the Rai license fee.

The decoder bonus, on the other hand, consists of a discount of up to 50 euros to buy an external decoder compatible with the new Dvbt-2-T2 transmission standard, in the event that an ISEE is presented up to 20 thousand euros per year.

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