Not only Nurofen, also Gaviscon and some types of Aspirin (Bayer) are not found: here is until when and why there is a shortage

Not to be found in pharmacies is not only the Nurofen. There is also often a shortage of other types of drugs such as Gaviscon Advance and some types of Aspirin (Bayer). Aifa explains the reasons and until it is assumed there may be problems, which also depend on the foreign supply of active ingredients useful for the composition of medicines

Already starting from July a very serious problem arose: the lack of Nurofen, a medicine often used by families with children, which has become unavailable throughout Italy. In a previous article we explained why, in particular underlining the relationship between this drug and a re-emphasis in cases of covid (Omicron 5).

However, it is not just about the NurofenBrufen and other ibuprofen-based drugs, which lack – as stated in the list of deficient drugs of Aifa – it is assumed to be improving starting from 3 October, but also other widely used medicines such as Gaviscon Advance and some types of Aspirin.

nurofen aifa deficiency

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For what concern Gaviscon Advance, Aifa reports production problems and discontinuous supplies starting as early as May 2022. In this case, an expected date for the end of the shortage is not reported.

shortage gaviscon aifa

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The same is happening for some types of Bayer Aspirin, deficient depending on the pharmaceutical form and dosage, until October or December 2022 or beyond (January – May 2023).

aspirin aifa deficiency

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In all cases, Aifa recommends contacting the specialist to ask for an alternative treatment to the drug that is generally used.

In the case of Nurofen, we had reported the possibility of going to a galenic pharmacy that will be able to make a syrup with the same active ingredient.

What causes the shortage of drugs

As Aifa specifies, at the basis of the shortage of these drugs there are production problems and discontinuous supplies and, in the case of Nurofen, also thehigh demand (due to the use of this anti-inflammatory syrup for the treatment of covid but also of other forms of flu and parainfluenza that have affected children this summer).

Aifa explains that the shortage of drugs – such as the one that is currently occurring – is actually cyclical. This time, however, between lack of raw materials and dependence on foreign supplies, the situation could prolong and even increase.

However, there is no real alarm, given that pharmacists have several alternatives available to customers, such as internal production, in the case of galenic pharmacies.

How Michele Uda said, General Manager of Egualia – Accessible Pharmaceutical Industries:

However, there is certainly a structural supply problem that has been worrying for years and for the future. The Covid crisis has highlighted how for our countries the supply chain from abroad of essential components for drugs is vulnerable. The EU is heavily dependent on the import of molecules and active ingredients of the most common drugs, in particular from China and India which guarantee strategic autonomy in the event of peak demand and lead to limitations for us. Europe has so far made many declarations of principle which have not been followed by facts. There is a lack of public investment to bring production back internally and the courage to revise prices in a sustainable way. Many drugs are paid very low.

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Source: AIFA

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