official alarm, from this day it is forbidden to withdraw and then definitively stop

The ATM is an absolutely obvious habit for Italians, but too many problems are gathering on the popular ATMs.

All Italians are used to withdrawing from the ATM with a certain regularity to face the normal expenses everyday.


This is absolutely normal and an established habit for practically all citizens. However, there are a lot of news about ATMs that it is important to know.

The negative news on the ATM

First of all, starting from October on the ATM there will be commissions of € 1.50 for each withdrawal.


This is still not absolutely certain however company Bancomat Spa asked the guarantor authority to be able to impose these very heavy commissions on the withdrawal. But in addition to the new commissions there is also the problem of the day when it is forbidden to withdraw at the ATM. But in addition to this, a real progressive disappearance is also expected for the ATM. Let’s try to understand what is happening. The ATM is always more monitored by the taxman but unfortunately it is also always in the crosshairs of scammers and new fraudsters always show up at the ATM and then banks warn account holders.

The day to not withdraw

A terrible new scam even pushes banks to strongly advise against withdrawing account holders on a specific day. In fact, gangs of scammers have hidden devices in some ATMs radio-controlled that lock the card inside the door. This means that the account holder will be convinced that their card has been blocked in the counter due to a malfunction of this.

ATM disappearance

However if this situation occurs on Fridays or at the weekend you will have to wait until Monday to go to the bank and regain possession of the card. Meanwhile, the scammers can do what they want. But already 4 million Italians live in municipalities where there is neither a bank nor an ATM. In fact, ATMs are gradually disappearing and Italians will have to get used to modern digital payments because both ATMs and cash are gradually destined to disappear.. So this is a real revolution for Italians. In fact, Italians will have to get used to the digital payments that the tax authorities love so much because they prevent tax evasion.

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