Ok, the richest country in Europe offers you 25 thousand euros to move there, and borders on Italy

A small Swiss village, Albinen, just east of Lausanne, risks running out of population. Residents move elsewhere, further downstream, to larger, more comfortable cities. It is not too different from what also happens in Italy, where small towns over time lose population in favor of larger ones.

The depopulation of Albinen, however, is different: above all in how it is dealt with. It was decided to give € 25,000 for each adult who moves there, and € 10,000 for each child. It means that a couple with two children would have as much as 70,000 euros in grants to take home there. In short, the figure is important.

In 2018 – year in which the support measure for the Alpine village has been implemented – there were only 240 residents. It could be said, therefore, that the population loss was almost complete and the situation serious. A real shame, for such a beautiful and scenic village.

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The news of the economic incentive (so substantial, by the way) went around the world and not only in German, but also in English. And this has certainly helped to give visibility to the public initiative.

The positive side of this notoriety is that at the moment the incentives would be suspended, but the positive side is that there is the probability that new ones will be considered, especially for how well the previous ones have worked.

With similar figures (25 thousand euros for each adult who moves there) it is possible both to open a business in the area, perhaps concerning winter sports, or aimed at breeding, and to finance – in the romantic village – a renovation or a purchase of a property. Why not?

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