Ok, this villa in the tropics costs only 50 thousand euros, and you can buy it right away

Who said that buying a villa by the sea is for few people? Just move from Italy and here, immediately, there are opportunities for our pockets. Yes, because sometimes what we fail to achieve derives from our inability to move from our country, but if for a moment we consider going abroad, the opportunities are seen.

This villa built entirely of wood, in Bali, is wonderful – which is evident by looking at the photos – but it costs only 50,000 euros. To be precise 56 thousand. L’announcement just published online on the PpBali website shows the villa with the well-kept courtyard, a dream veranda and the interiors (strictly white) custom built by local artisans.

Why is the house so cheap? We Italians, used to seeing prices three times higher even for a two-room apartment in the province, may be tempted to turn up our noses and think that there is a catch, or something wrong. The truth, however, is much simpler: these are the prices on the island of Bali.


Of course, seeing the photos of this villa, the four-poster bed, the inlaid woods that make up the veranda, the meticulous details both inside and out, makes a certain impression. And to think that 70 square meters, to which must be added those of the courtyard and outdoor spaces (complete with statues of elephants), cost only 50 thousand euros is unbelievable. But that’s exactly how it is.

In short, for those looking for a holiday home, a beautiful and comfortable second home, but with a low budget, this is a solution to be taken on the fly. Without thinking about it too many times, otherwise someone else might make the offer before us.

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