Ok, with the end of summer you can have this camper for 100 euros

There is a really convenient way (and very easy to apply) to be able to travel by camper in this next period, that of the end of summer, spending very little. And let’s talk about one of the best times of the year, to travel by camper. Think about it for a moment: nowadays there are few tourists, the prices are lower, there is more space in the accommodation facilities as well as in the campsites and on the streets.

Traveling by camper at the end of summer risks being such a beautiful experience as to be unforgettable. In addition to the less crowded beaches and the lower prices there are the temperatures, much more acceptable, and the mountain landscapes that are rediscovered rich and luxuriant.

But let’s get to the point: what is the way to get a motorhome at a minimum price? And above all, how much does this price correspond to? Well, the way is pretty simple, it’s about making the most of online platforms. Because that’s where the best offers are right now.

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On platforms such as Yescapa, an online site full of campers for rent, there are really a lot of campers: and sometimes the price is minimal. Starting at less than 70 euros per day for the cheapest models. It means that a week in a motorhome costs around 600 euros, and if there are two of you this means only 300 euros each. If not less.

For minicamers and so-called vans, the price can be even lower. Of course, in this case we are talking about vans and minivans rearranged and transformed into campers. But for the youngest, these are excellent solutions, both for the price and for the convenience.

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