One Piece 1061, complete dialogues and images: the surprise [SPOILER]

The new chapter of One Piece, 1061, is finally here. During the night, the complete dialogues and images of the chapter were leaked and, although this week the usual leaker did not provide any complete summary of the chapter, we decided to create it once again.

The complete dialogues of the new chapter see the Mugiwara again as protagonists, as in the last chapter. Luffy’s crew faces a rather dangerous unexpected, and makes two new acquaintances. One of them is a piratess we have been talking about for days, the other new face is that of a character we didn’t know much about until now and who finally shows his current identity.

After days of clues, we can finally see in full what will happen in the new chapter. So make yourself comfortable, and read the dialogues of One Piece 1061, complete with images of the various pages of the chapter.

The dialogues of chapter 1061 of One Piece

Luffy: “Who is that? She came out of the ocean!

Bonney: coughs That? I’m safe … wait, where is the monster? It’s still under there! Look down!

Nami: Thank goodness, she looks fine!

Usopp: Luffy, where are you going ?!
Franky: The kids are yelling something!
Sanji: He said to look down!

Whole Crew: Ahhhhhh! There is something down there! It’s scary, run away!
Zoro: A shark? But is it too big and is it made of metal ?!
Whole crew: Brace yourselves, we’re about to land!
Jinbei: Hell Luffy and the others fell into the water, that’s not good! Franky, take care of the rudder and take the ship where they will go.
Franky: I’ll take care of it!

Whole Crew: Ahhhhh! Shipbottom! Flee! What is that thing ?!
Franky: Hell, we’ll fall!
Sanji: Robin-chaaan, Nami-chaaaan!

Jinbei: Luffy, Chopper, don’t worry, I’m here! What was that explosion? The waves are too strong, it will be difficult to navigate the ship like this. Huh?

Jinbei: A cannon ?! We are about to dive into the sea, everyone hold your breath!

Luffy, Bonney and Chopper take a deep breath
Whole crew: The current is too fast, we can’t get back up like that!

Another Franky-shaped robot crashes into the shark

On a nearby island, the base of the Navy G14
Tashigi: It’s tea time! Do your best!
Children: We’re only drinking it because you told us! Ewww, how disgusting!
Big Girl: I think I’ve gotten a lot smaller!
Tashigi: I agree Mocha, good job!
Vice Admiral Doll: Tashigi, do you have a second? Can you do something about that Helmeppo thug?
Tashigi: I don’t think I can do anything about that .. Koby is his best friend and to me he is my Kohai (younger student).

Helmeppo: Guys, please! Aren’t we on the same side?
Captain Hibari: Please me too! Koby did a lot to help me!
Helmeppo: Please take me to Pirate Island too, Prince!
Hibari: Please, Prince! We are talking about the Pirate Island here! Blackbeard’s Lair! If we tease them, all the pirates will come out like bees!
Helmeppo: We are close to Egghead Island… Can we please get the Seraphim out?
Prince: Both of you calm down for a second. We can’t even get Drake right now. You must understand that we cannot do anything for now!

Bonney: You don’t know who I am? They are one of the worst generations like you! Our names were side by side and I was in Shabody two years ago!
Luffy: OooH! Are you also from the worst generation?
Bonney: I’m Bonney… I’m an enemy too, remember that. But thanks for saving me.
Luffy: Don’t worry, Bogey! Ahhh, it’s cold!
Bonney: What happened to your size poster? We believed your hair had turned white and the newspaper was also discussing it.
Luffy: Ahh, that’s what I look like when I’m free! But it all worked out, right?
Bonney: And Jinbei is with you too …

Jinbei: What happened to your ship and your crew?
Bonney: I came here alone, my ship was eaten by that metal monster, and I’m getting hungry.
Luffy: Let’s find a restaurant! I’m hungry too.
Chopper: Luffy, do you have any money?
Bonney: Hey idiots, there’s no restaurant here, it’s a government island. Okay, I’ll tell you. This is Egghead Island, they call it the island 500 years in the future, Vegapunk’s laboratory island.
Luffy: Vegapunk? I know that name!
Bonney: I’m here because I’m busy with him.

Franchy: Giant, giant …
Usopp: Robot!
Girl: Ughhh, a failure again. That’s why I can’t control the “desire” of a living being.
Sanji: Someone is coming out!

Girl: Ahhh, this is trouble.
Franky: I don’t know who you are but thank you, you saved us!
Girl: I told the mecha shark to observe, bring back and shoot, if he eats them we won’t have the gold. It was my programming mistake, huh. Anyway, who said I was going to save you pirates? I’m employed by the government… I’m Dr. Vegapunk!

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