One Piece 1061: the summary of the Chapter

One Piece 1061: the complete summary of the chapter of the manga of Eiichiro Oda, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump

One Piece 1061: Full Chapter Summary

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Title: Egghead, the island of the Future

The crew manages to save Bonney, but realizes that there is something under the Sunny.

The ship is attacked by a giant metal shark.

Jinbe tells Franky to take care of the ship, he dives into the water to retrieve Luffy and the others.

The shark has a cannon in its jaws and continues to attack the Sunny.

Jinbe retrieves Luffy, Bonney and Chopper and takes them underwater with him.

The shark is about to swallow the Sunny, but suddenly a Giant Robot intervenes.

The Giant Robot punches the shark.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hat crew falls into the sea.

The scene moves to an island near Egghead.

We are at G-14 and we see Tashigi in the company of Punk Hazard children.

Apparently the babies are returning to their natural size.

With Tashigi is a Navy Vice Admiral named Doll.

Doll says the Helmeppo question needs to be resolved.

Tashigi replies that he understands what Helmeppo is feeling right now.

In another room, we see Helmeppo and other Sword members.

Helmeppo begs the others to go and rescue Coby.


Prince – a member of Sword – tells him it’s not possible at the moment. They cannot attack Blackbeard’s island.

Helmeppo then asks to use Vegapunk’s Seraphim.

The scene turns to Luffy and the others.

Luffy doesn’t remember who Bonney is.

Bonney explains to him that he is part of the worst generation and reveals that that island belongs to Vegapunk.

Bonney adds that she is there because she has issues to resolve with him.

Bonney asks Luffy why his hair is white in the new size notice.

Luffy replies that it becomes that way when he is Free.

The scene shifts to the other Mugiwara who managed to arrive on one of the island’s beaches.

Before them appears the Giant Robot who saved them.

The Robot has the Sunny in his hands.

A very young woman comes out of the Robot.

The woman claims to be Vegapunk.


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