One Piece, why is Boa Hancock so obsessed with Luffy? [SPOILER]

In the last chapter of the manga by one piecethe number 1059, those who have had the opportunity to read the spoilers released in recent days have witnessed the return of some characters who have not been seen for some time. Long last Eiichiro Oda allowed us to have some more information about some of them, including sizes and other revelations.

One of the most important characters who returns in the new chapter of One Piece is the beloved Boa Hancock. Specifically, while we witness the flashback in which Blackbeard and Hancock face off, there is a detail inserted in the scenario which once again shows us all the affection that the empress of Amazon Lily test for Luffy.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, as all One Piece fans know that Boa Hancock is in love with Straw Hat, not to mention obsessed. But, knowing her ill-tolerance towards men, why did Boa Hancock become so obsessed with Luffy instead?

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One Piece: why is Boa Hancock obsessed with Luffy?

As can be seen from the panel where Blackbeard confronts Hancock, on the wall of a building on Amazon Lily Island is a mega poster with Luffy’s face.

To understand what led the pirate to this kind of attitude towards the boy, we need to take a few steps back in history.

At their first meeting, Boa Hancock considered Luffy a full-fledged enemy, being quite surprised once she realized her power was not working on the pirate. Hancock initially judged Luffy like all men, that is, arrogant and selfish. But soon she was forced to change her mind.

This happened following some gestures that impressed the Amazon empress Lily. The first major jolt to Boa Hancock’s consciousness was during the Amazon Lily sagawhen Luffy had to fight against Hancock’s sisters, Sandersonia and Marigold, as a method of execution for seeing the top secret mark on Hancock’s back.

During the battle, which took place inside the island’s arena and under the eyes of the Kuja, Sandersonia’s shirt begins to burn following a risky move by her sister. This is where Luffy, aware that this would also show the brand on Sandersonia’s back, decides to cover it so as not to show it to the Kuja.

This selfless and kind gesture was the first to impress Hancock. Despite this, the piratess still had some doubts about him.

Later, Luffy makes another gesture that allows him to gain further respect from Hancock. The pirate, in fact, test his morale: gives you the opportunity to choose between bring back to normal three Kuja petrified previously, or obtain a means to be able to go home.

This is where Luffy still reveals all his good heart, as he immediately and without any hesitation chooses to save the three Kujas.

The last event which decreed the officer falling in love with Hancock (and which also led her to develop the lethal “Disease of love”, responsible for the deaths of the previous empresses) was when the piratess learned that Luffy attacked a much-hated world noble, part of the category responsible for the empress’s terrible past.

These three major events are what led Boa Hancock to love Straw Hat. Luffy was the only one who, besides Rayleigh, took a personal interest in Hancock’s sister. Furthermore, in addition to expressing his disgust towards the Celestial Dragons, Luffy has reassured Hancock about his past, explaining that it is not a reason to hate being a slave.

Following the encounter with such a person, completely different from any other she has met, it is as if Hancock’s heart has awakened. The pirate thus found herself smiling in front of a boy after years and years, despite the fact that he knows her secrets.

Since then, Hancock can’t help but express his love for Luffy. Probably also because otherwise she too would fall victim to the “disease of love”: in fact it is precisely the fact of having kept all the feelings suppressed within themselves that led to the death of the past empresses. The only way currently known to keep the “disease of love” at bay is to not keep one’s true feelings hidden.

And so it has always been with Hancock, who demonstrates what he feels quite openly. The pirate cares so much about Luffy that she feels bad when she can’t hear of her physical condition of him, and has always been ready to attack without hesitation anyone who dared to harm him. Sensational is that occasion in which she also attacked Smokerwho had attempted to kill Luffy.

While we know that Luffy doesn’t have the same kind of interest in Amazon Empress Lily, it has already been shown that Straw Hat also appreciates and cares a lot about her.

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