Orietta Berti listens in disbelief | “I also like women”: Sapphic love at home? [VIDEO]

In the house of the VIP GF literally everything is happening. Orietta Berti is upset: she has come out in front of everyone

Orietta Berti (Youtube)

For Orietta Berti, a few years ago, perhaps it was unthinkable play the role of columnist at the GF VIP. To relaunch it, however, was Fabio Fazio who included it in his Sunday table at Che Tempo Che Fa, allowing it to bring out its more ironic and light side. From that moment, Orietta Berti lived a new youth, collaborating on a musical level on songs for young people, such as One thousand with Fedez and Achille Lauro.

In the last few hours, the columnist of the GF VIP had to witness a completely unexpected scene and unexpected. A tenant of the most spied on house in Italy, in fact, revealed what no one would ever expect: she also likes women. And there are already the first ones rumors on a sapphic love

GF VIP: Orietta Berti can’t believe it

Geneva Lamborghini
Ginevra Lamborghini (Screen from Twitter)

One of the protagonists of this new edition of the GF VIP is Geneva Lamborghini. Of her Sister of the iconic Elettra, she immediately made headlines for the revelations she made about her sister, with whom she has not spoken since 2019 for no apparent reason. Her words they immediately caused a sensation and immediately factions were created: on the one hand there are those who argue that it is impossible that they do not know the reason but that obviously he doesn’t want to say it. On the other hand, however, there are those who support her because she believes she is the victim of an uneducated sister.

In the last few hours, however, Ginevra Lamborghini has again made headlines: it has revealed that she also likes women. During a chat with the other tenants of the house, in fact, she admitted to having had several love affairs with girls and to be very attracted from the physical point of view:

Immediately, the public then associated this revelation with another tenant, Nikita. Between the two, in fact, there was immediately an understanding and a particular attraction:

Orietta Berti, Sonia Bruganelli and Alfonso Signorini will surely have witnessed this coming out and they will be incredulous. For them, however, it is bread for their teeth: in the next episode, in fact, ample space will be dedicated to this revelation and to what could happen in the coming weeks: we are only at the beginning.

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