“Orsolini interesting. Soriano is a midfielder”

“It’s a team that played a good game with a strong team like Fiorentina; I just congratulated the boys and told them to continue like this. The team is strong, there are many quality players and we all have to work to the maximum. together to reach the best level for this Serie A “.

On form and Arnautovic

“I have in mind how I would like Bologna to play and we will try to put him on the pitch. Arnautovic is a great player, I played with him and I expect a lot from him and from all the players we have in the team. The goal is to always improve. moreover”.

On the philosophy of the game

“I like teams that play offensively, but with balance. I would like a team that reacts as soon as it loses the ball and attacks the opponent.”

Su Soriano and Vignato

“I see Soriano as a midfielder. I believe that with the qualities he has he can do anything. Vignato I see him well playing outside, but he also knows how to play in the central part of the field.”

About Medel

“A player with his qualities can play well in midfield and in defense; I think I will try to understand from game to game how he struggles better on the pitch to ensure that he can give his best for the group.”

About Orsolini

“Riccardo is an interesting player: he always has a smile, he is happy with what he is doing, a player who has to give a lot for the team’s attack and who can certainly improve his numbers due to the potential he has.”

About Barrow

“It has potential, and it has all the qualities to do well.”


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