Pain in the abdomen or anus? Run to the specialist

Abdominal pain, but especially pain in the anus, are very important alarm bells that our body sends us. The first thing not to do is underestimate them, the second is to go to the doctor for a professional consultation.

Pain in the abdomen (web photo)

Among the many diseases existing on the planet, the one we are going to present is among the most widespread and dangerous. The best way to deal with it is to know what you are dealing with. Getting informed is one of the strongest weapons that prevention has regarding health problems. Doing it as soon as you have the first symptoms could also be essential for the final cure.

We are talking about a tumor, so the matter should not be taken lightly. It is that of the colon, which decisively affects this very delicate part of the body. To be able to know in scientific form what you are talking about, it is better to open a website run by experienced doctors. For the rest of the indicative information, we can refer, instead, to the myriad of network platforms existing in the world.

Colon cancer

It is a very common disease, as it is among the top three forms of cancer in the Western world. What causes this discomfort is a wrong way of living and eating, but it can also be a genetic problem. Sedentary lifestyle and obesity can be statuses that lead to this problem. But it must be remembered that it especially affects patients over 50.

How to deal with colon cancer

What people usually experience pain in the abdomen or anus, which creates intestinal obstruction, fatigue, weight loss for no apparent reason, and constipation. In addition, the presence of blood in the stool can also be found. In these cases, the advice is to communicate these difficulties to your doctor. Surely, the expert words of it will lead to a screening of the affected area.

According to the AIRC, nutrition is one of the reasons why such cancer develops. A diet rich in animal fat and low in fiber can cause this problem. Care must be taken, as the massive growth of this tumor can lead to death. Though, according to the Merck Serono Foundation, 66% of patients who have faced this disease have managed to defeat it.

Colon Cancer Symptoms
Colon Cancer Symptoms (WebSource)

There is therefore a need to be careful to take it in time, in order to face the therapy in the best possible way. If you are in an advanced stage, then the treatments may not even have the desired effect.

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