Pamela Prati, “I thought about suicide”, the dramatic words of the showgirl

Pamela Prati is back to talk about a terrible episode in her life and how everyone turned their backs on her.

Pamela Prati is about to arrive at the Big Brother VIP. The showgirl and actress, who we have always known as smiling and full of life, spoke of a dark period in her life, moments in which she even thought of get it over withand how everyone has turned their backs on her.

Unfortunately it is not a good period for the showgirl: the woman has in fact had to face a serious bereavement which affected his family. His nephew Alessio, the son of his sister, passed away at the age of 40 due to cancer. The woman was deeply moved by the incident, and she dedicated a moving and painful greeting to her missing nephew.

But the showgirl also suffered for a love with dark sides: we all remember Mark Caltagirone, the elusive boyfriend of the actress who later turned out to be a fake, a man who didn’t really exist. A story that is incredible, but unfortunately it is not the first. In these cases we speak of catfishingi.e. assuming a false identity online.

Pamela Prati had met this Mark online, an entrepreneur who had recently left. It was 2018 and the two began to write each other on Instagram, bonding more and more, until they became a real couple. The two have never seen or heard each other: the man always had an excuse with which to protect himself. The showgirl believed her words and she fell in love with the entrepreneur, so much so that she believed him when she told her that they would be married.

Pamela Prati

The love was so much that the showgirl ended up in one toxic spiral from which she was unable to get out in time. She had even announced the date of the wedding, but in the end, faced with the doubts of friends and colleagues, she had to surrender to the truth.

Pamela Prati, the dramatic words

Pamela Prati was very burned by the incident. Not just because of her false identity, which she took a long time to recover from, but also because the web made fun of her and many believed it was all designed to make a comeback.

But the showgirl’s words hit deep: “When I realized it was all a fiction I felt faint, I lacked air. A terrifying psychological violence. I’ve never said that before, but I even thought about taking my own life. The end of a story is always a trauma, but discovering that a person doesn’t even exist is a psychological shock ”she confessed.

Pamela Prati

He then went on to talk about the case of Roberto Cazzaniga: he too was the victim of a catfish. “The thing that hurts me the most is that a cordon of solidarity was formed around Roberto Cazzaniga, when it happened to me I was put to the pillory“.

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