Paola Barale, holidays over: now she’s getting ready for Dancing with the stars, here’s how

  • The 55-year-old showgirl in the cast of the talent signed by Milly Carlucci kicks off on 8 October
  • He had deserted Rai for 7 years: in 2015 he was a competitor to Beijing Express

Paola Barale puts the holidays behind him. After the carefree days at the sea, now the 55-year-old showgirl prepares for Dancing with the stars: is in the cast of the Rai Uno talent signed by Milly Carluccinow in its seventeenth edition, kicks off on Rai Uno in prime time from next 8 October.

Paola Barale, holidays over: now she is preparing for dancing with the Starsthat’s how

Paola poses for a shooting with her cat, but not only. He also takes bearing lessonsto learn how to walk in the right way, before sweating the hall between dance lessons with the partner chosen for her.

The showgirl, in the cast of the talent signed by Milly Carlucci at the start on 8 October, engaged in a shooting
The 55-year-old also gives bearing lessons

It was 7 years that ‘deserted’ Rai: in 2015 it was a competitor to Beijing Express. Paola Barale later she said no to many proposals: she had received many requests for reality shows. She always refused, she only had a little interlude atIsland of the Famouswhen in 2017 he reaches the former Raz Degan in Honduras. TO Dancing however she said yes and seems enthusiastic about it: she has always liked to test herself.

“There is work to be done”writes on the social

He will have to submit to the judgments, at times very sharp, of the judges Ivan Zazzaroni, Fabio Canino, Wild Lucarelli, Carolyn Smith And Guillermo Mariotto. But Paola has never feared her criticism: it is difficult for her to be afraid of her.

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