Patience running out and choice postponed: Mourinho decisive

Rome, the defeat arrived in these minutes can really cost you dearly. Here’s how things stand and how this can impact the plans of Mourinho’s men.

The latter are awaited by the delicate Turin challenge, commented by José during the day and about which there is more and more expectation and curiosity in light of the high stakes at stake. Not only for the thickness of the two teams, both veterans of various injuries that have impoverished not just the power but also of the complicated moment lived in the shadow of the Mole. Here the square began to turn up its nose after the draw with Sampdoria, following which Allegri’s men are expected to have an important reaction.

José Mourinho © LaPresse

However, it is right to point out that the challenge, to put it in José’s words, remains one of many. Without denying its just mentioned importance, the Turin test bench is the third of an Italian journey that will last for another thirty-five days, during which many obstacles will stand in the way of the Capitoline journey.

Patience running out, Stroppa’s future also depends on Mourinho

Giovanni Stroppa © LaPresse

While waiting for the verdict of the Allianz lawn tomorrow evening, we report in the meantime important updates related to Giovanni’s future Stroppa, protagonist of a shocking start in these first three days of the championship. Net of a major player signing campaign, the club of Berlusconi so far he has not managed to get any points, losing against Turin, Naples and Udinese.

Many had presented the match against the Friulians as potentially decisive for the future of the coach who, as reported by, is not yet completely at risk. The bench begins to creak, although Berlusconi still has faith in him. A change of pace is expected in the next races, before weighing a decisive position. There Rome obviously observes with double interest, aware of being expected from the match against the red and white next Tuesday.

Regardless of who will sit on the bench, Mourinho will face a staff within reach but who will do everything to not lose.

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