Pellet stove, is it really the remedy for all ills? The pros and cons

Expensive energy is already having devastating effects on the economy of Italian families, so much so that they are looking for every possible alternative to heat up, abandoning the classic and “expensive” radiators. Among the choices, the presence of the pellet stove stands out, but is it really that effective?

Inflation, the energy crisis, war and climate change are all topics that unfortunately will accompany us over the next winter. To avoid paying excessively high bills, Italians are starting to install pellet stoves, but what are the cons of this choice?

pellet pros and cons –

The pros of the pellet stove

The companies producing pellet stoves really promise many advantages to potential customers, so as to be more likely to convince them to make a purchase, many of which, however, are more than objective advantages.

From 2010 to 2018 the use of woody biomass heat generators went from 6 to 20% but only a small portion is represented by pellet stoves. However, it is expected that this figure will rise a lot in the coming years precisely to counter the energy crisis and the expensive bills.

What are the advantages of the pellet stove?

To begin with, the stove has bonuses to economically support the purchase and installation, the pellets used for combustion are much cheaper than gas and maintenance does not require special skills. Cleaning is very easy and does not involve any release of odors or fumes that could harm family members.

In the event that the pellets are not available, you can choose to buy (if the stove supports it) the virgin pomace peanut, consisting entirely of sawdust waste which is compacted making this resource very economical.

Finally, the pellet stove is a great friend of the environment, because it uses waste materials to work and pollutes much less than alternative heating systems on the market.

The cons of the pellet stove

Before buying a stove, you must also consider the disadvantages that you face, so that you can fully evaluate whether the solution is the right one for your home.

The pellet stove needs electricity to work, so in the event of a power surge or blackout you must wait for some time for it to cool completely before putting it back into operation.

To be installed you need the ok of a specialist who will assess the suitability of the house before purchasing. In fact, the chosen environment must exceed 6 square meters and must be equipped with a fireproof floor.

pellet stove pros and cons -
pellet stove pros and cons –

A pellet stove cannot be installed in the garage, in the garages, in the boxes in the bathrooms, in the studios and in the bedrooms and in addition it has a not exactly silent fan, which could disturb the inhabitants of the house.

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