Penelope Cruz: “Crialese and I, born a woman. With a couple of photos she answered all my questions” – exclusive

The Spanish actress is the protagonist of the film “The immensity” and exclusively tells on Oggi about her relationship with the director Emanuele Crialese, who came out as a trans man during the Venice Film Festival

“Emanuele spoke to me about himself right from the start with great naturalness. And one day he showed me a couple of photos that meant a lot to me, the answer to many questions “. Penèlope Cruz tells Oggi, on newsstands from Thursday 15 September, the film The immensity and her relationship with the director Emanuele Crialese, who revealed how autobiographical the story is (he was born a woman and went through a long transition path). – photo | video

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LEARN RESPECT – Penèlope and Javier Bardem have two children, Leonardo, 11, and Luna, 9. How would you react if one day they told you they didn’t recognize themselves in your body? “My children are still small, but I answer you like this: I can’t even imagine not welcoming and not respecting a human being with every cell of my body for how it feels to be, for how it is”.

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PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE – Cruz also states that on the subject of a child’s acceptance of a choice, “I don’t think there is a gender issue at all. There are men with a very deep sensitivity: Pedro Almodòvar is one of my dearest friends, with my husband Javier I can talk about anything, always, and since they are born we have raised our children in absolute equality. It is the people who make the difference, not their sexual identity ”.

The full interview is on the new issue of Today on newsstands


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