“People close to him tell me that …”: now the truth about the hot nights between Can and Francesca Chillemi

Soon the Italian public will see Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi in the fiction Purple like the sea. They take on the role of the protagonists, that is a journalist and an inspector who will have to deal with a murder case. The plot seems intriguing, but many are wondering if there is any tender between the two actors. In the last few hours, a small detail has emerged that is sparking the imagination of the mass. Here’s what’s going on.

On the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival Francesca Chillemi And Can Yaman they walked next to each other and they were beautiful. Fans asked for a kiss, but they weren’t satisfied. However, the embarrassment on the faces of the two actors was evident. The artistic understanding was already known on the set of the fiction God help us. She was a nun intent on taking vows while he represented an earthly temptation. In the end, love for God took over.

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi – Solospettacolo.it

If until a few days ago it was said that the former Miss Italy was going through a period of crisis with your partner Stefano Rosso because of the Turkish actor, now another news is circulating. Surely what was said by Alessandro Rosica it will not go unnoticed. Beyond belief!

“It doesn’t seem like anything serious, but you can see it”

The gossip expert made the following statements: “People close to Can Yaman swear to me it’s just work, for now, also because she should be married, but that doesn’t matter much, it matters that she never slept at Can’s house. Speaking of Can, there would already be another one for himeven if it doesn’t look serious, but you can see them “. These words suggest that there is only a professional and friendly bond between the two actors.

They were often caught at dinner together and complicit smiles were never lacking. It is useless to see malice in genuine gestures, as her relationship is going well. They never went beyond the professional agreement, so we have to get over it.

The end of the story with Diletta Leotta

Can Yaman tends to be very reserved about his private life. In fact she has never commented on the end of the relationship with Diletta Leotta. She hasn’t made any statements, so it seems that she will continue to focus on silence. After all, he has always invited fans not to invade his privacy and not to offend the women around him.

The two actors at dinner - Solospettacolo.it
The two actors at dinner – Solospettacolo.it

In fact, he did not hesitate to defend his colleague: “I have to ask you something, you have to love Francesca. I’m sick of the female audience following me, attacking, attacks every woman close to me. Listen to me. Francesca is a top actress, she is a very good person, love her ”.

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