PHOTO- Zielinski misses two penalties, a gesture from Kvaratskhelia’s leader

During the match of Champions League last night between Rangers And Naples the incredible happened. The Polish attacking midfielder of Napoli, Piotr Zielinski, managed to miss twice in a row from the spot. The first mistake was made to retort by the referee Mateu Lahoz because the goalkeeper of the Scottish team, McGregor, was not well positioned. On the second attempt, however, the blue 20 was again hypnotized by the goalkeeper.

At minute 22 of the second half, the Spanish referee awards another penalty to Neapolitans for the touch of Barisic’s hand. From here is the beautiful gesture of Kvaratskhelia towards his teammate. The Georgian striker embraced and consoled Zielinski just before the penalty could be transformed by Matteo Politano. A gesture as a true leader on the part of Kvaratskhelia which shows that he has already settled in the best way in Naples.

The penalty scored by Politano will then only be the beginning of the great precision in the realization phase of the Napoli players in last night’s game. The match won by blues brings them to the first position of group A when, however, there are still 4 games to go. The next meeting may prove decisive for the hopes of Neapolitans since they will have to play away in Amsterdam in the legendary one Johan Cruijff Arena against theAjax.

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