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Pippo Baudo now seems to belong to a distant era. The conductor with many records has now lost his leadership. No one would ever have expected such a situation.

The history of Italian television certainly can boast of many characters. One of those who made history the most was certainly Pippo Baudo. A conductor who found himself at helm of important broadcasts both on the network Rai both on Mediaset.

His debut on tv dates back to 1959 and from that moment on his career has always been on the rise. Her name is more related to the Sanremo festivalof which it was conductor for many editions right away.

A record that until today it had not yet been surpassed from no one. Pippo Baudo’s time has now come to an end, as his record it is going to be widely passed.

The end of the Pippo Baudo era

His ‘heir’ seems to be Mara Venierthe famous presenter of Sunday In. The broadcast is ready to return to entertain the public on Sundays. This is the 14th edition which will be entrusted to Aunt Mara.

From year to year, Mara Venier always tells herself what it will be the ultimate experience with the transmission. However, every year she falls back and returns to that studio she is so fond of.

Waiting for the new edition of Domenica In, here is what Mara Venier said: “Every year I say it’s the last, but on Domenica In I don’t know how to say no. A program that has given me everything, starting with the affection of the public. And in my heart. During the pandemic, when I was afraid of bringing the virus home, Domenica In gave me even more credibility because I was one of them, one of the audience watching us. In the first episode I will host the sister of the woman killed in Bologna who was on the phone with the victim just when she was hit and killed. It’s hard for her because it’s not easy to talk on TV with those who still have pain inside of her ”.

But what does it matter Mara Venier with Pippo Baudo? Although at the end of each season, Mara Venier promises herself that she is the last, Aunt Mara undaunted continues its climb to success.

Season after season. Mara Venier managed to accumulate well 14 television editions on Sunday In, one more by Pippo Baudo. And so the record of the conductor is completely surpassed, thus finishing in second place of one of the greatest records of Rai house.

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