Plane hits truck during take off at Barcelona airport

A airplane of the Air Senegal hit a truck during take off at the airport of Barcelona. The Airbus A319-111 headed for Dakar hit the truck with the tip of its left wing during the pushbackin preparation for take off. The force of the collision left the truck leaning diagonally, with the wheels on the right side suspended in the air. The 16-year-old plane was unable to fly due to the damage suffered in the collision.

THE passengers they were forced off the plane and were eventually placed on a new flight. It is unclear how many were on board at that time. Authorities are now investigating how the accident may have occurred. El Prat Airport, which serves the metropolitan area of BarcelonaLast year handled more than 18 million passengers.

The video Taken by a spectator, it shows the plane crashing into the back of a truck, which was parked near the runway. Moments before the crash, you can see the cars moving in the opposite direction away from the plane as it taxi down the runway. In the footage, a person can be seen jumping off and crawling to the ground in an attempt to escape. According to the local traffic police, the driver of the damaged van was not inside at the time of the accident. It is unknown why the plane was trying to take off from the road.

Last updated: Thursday 1 September 2022, 22:17



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