PostePay will be disabled. Here’s what happens

Are you worried because they told you that Postepay will be disabled? Or maybe you’ve received a message via text message or email that just that is going to happen? Be very careful! What is happening these days is nothing more than the rapid spread of yet another scam linked to payment methods and which aim to use your personal data to carry out online transactions.

PostePay is in fact one of the most popular payment methods in Italy, in both its versions, and for this reason it is the subject of continuous attempts of scams that exploit its name. If you are looking for information on the fact that PostePay will be disabled, you are almost certainly one of their customers: all the more reason we invite you to read this article.

Postepay scam disabled: here’s what happens

An email has been circulating for some time now that only apparently comes from the Italian Post Office in which it is announced to the unsuspecting customer that his Postepay will be disabled. Following this announcement, in the body of the text, the user is invited to immediately click on a subsequent link where he can avoid this disabling process. In reality, the link leads to an online form where you have to enter your Postepay account data and personal data, and from that moment it will be child’s play for criminals to use your account to make purchases.

Being a prepaid card, the risk of losing money is directly proportional to how much money you have on PostePay. Especially if you use PostePay Evolution the risk is higher, because the latter has a ceiling of 30 thousand euros. Be very careful even if the email contains attachments that you will be invited to open. These install viruses through which criminals can access data stored on your computer.

Postepay disabled: what to do

If your PostePay has really been disabled, you can try to reactivate it, even if the actual reactivation will depend on the reasons. In fact, if you have suffered a block imposed by PostePay because your account has apparently been cloned, or you have violated the anti-money laundering regulations or misused the card, it will not be re-enabled.

Otherwise, if you have suffered a temporary block due to incorrect PIN entries or loss, you can reactivate it immediately by contacting the Poste Italiane customer service on 800 003 322. Another occasion in which the card is disabled is when it arrives at the deadline. Once you have entered the month following the expiry date indicated on the card, it will no longer be possible to use it for any operation and you will have to go to the Post Office to renew it.

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