Protein, is eating a lot of them good? The answer of the experts

Proteins are essential building blocks for the well-being of the body; but do you know if eating lots of them is good for your health? Let’s find out the experts’ answer to this question.

Foods that contain protein (Canva)


  1. Apple pie, the super light version with no fat and few calories. To try!
  2. Seafood salad, the recipe that brings the authentic scent of summer to the table
  3. Lemon-scented stuffed squid, a mouth-watering second course! Ready in minutes

The proteins they are a class of biological molecules fundamental for the well-being of the human body and derive from the union of basic units called amino acids.

They are introduced into our body through food supplying us not only with carbon and hydrogen but also with nitrogen and sulfur.

That they are therefore indispensable for our physique is a now established dogma; but you know if eating too many is bad? Let’s find out what the leading experts in the sector say about it.


Protein, is eating a lot of them good? The answer of the experts

As in everything, abuse is a completely deleterious factor: it takes balance in the implementation of proteins in one’s daily diet.

A’excessive protein intake it can in fact cause discomfort such as constipation, abdominal pain or kidney disease.

protein contraindications
Abdominal pain (Canva)

In particular, you should never exceed with proteins from the animal kingdom for various reasons: first of all because in this way the sources of fibers.

This will inevitably lead to incorrect intestinal transit and therefore to the problems described above (constipation or abdominal pain).

Also, an excessively protein based diet can cause kidney stonesa pathology that should never be underestimated and which should be discussed promptly with your general practitioner.

In any case, in the absence of pathologies, it is important to follow abalanced nutrition in all nutrients. Don’t eliminate a macronutrient to make up for it with a higher dose of protein!

macronutrient protein white diet
Balanced diet (Canva)

So now you have all the elements and knowledge you need to untangle yourself in the immense world of proteins and remember “No abuse is ever good for our body“.

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