“Proud to have been part of it”

Through a note that appeared on the Rossoneri’s official website, the Milan announced the new Board of Directorsduring the Shareholders’ Meeting held in Milan, following the acquisition of the club by RedBird.

Among the various outgoing directors, Massimo is also present FerrariGeneral Manager of Webuildwho made the following statements:

“I am proud to have been a member of the Milan Council which marked the turning point in terms of recovery and sporting results (19th championship). All thanks to the shareholder Elliott, to the sports and technical management, to the team and to a management worthy of a large listed company. The Board, with a professional Board of Statutory Auditors, under the guidance of Paolo Scaroni, has embraced the line and supported it as far as its responsibility is concerned. Go Milan”.

Moreover, Paul’s thanks were not long in coming Scaroni for outgoing Directors:

Ferrari, Scaroni, Milan Board of Directors

“A heartfelt thanks from all of us goes to the outgoing Directors, Alfredo Craca, Massimo Ferrari and Marco Patuano, who have always shown great managerial vision, together with an exceptional availability and passion for our colors, helping to favor the positive trend of the Club in recent years “.

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