Putin’s daughter has been to Germany over 20 times, often with a visa issued by Italy – The Der Spiegel Revelation

It has been going on for years Germanywith several stays in Bavaria, and went unnoticed by the German secret services for years. It is about Katerina Tikhonovaone of the daughters of Putin, who would often also use a Schengen visa issued by Italy. This was revealed by the German newspaper Der Spiegel together with the Russian investigation platform IStories. According to what emerged, Tikhonova would have gone to German territory at least 20 times, starting from 2015, to visit her partner, and accompanied by an armed agent of the Russian presidential guard FSO. The guy in question is Igor Zelenskyan expert dancer who until April 2022 led the professional company Bayrische Staatsballet.

As the services have noticed

In Germany no entries are recorded and above all the services do not deal with tracing and recording the movements of the children of foreign state leaders, except in cases where there is a need for investigation. Putin’s daughter has always traveled with her name and documents. In April, however, she was added to the black list of European Union. All the documents tracing the movements of Tikhnova have thus reached the secret services. “The case is an illustrious example of the fact that we have not developed any strategy to counter Russian agents and their activities in the past decades. And we can’t go on like this, ”he denounced Sebastian Fiedlerparliamentarian and exponent of the Spd.

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