Queen Elizabeth and her passion for football: this is which club she supported

Although he has always tried to keep a certain reserve regarding his footballing faith, many rumors have spread over the years.

All the world has tightened around theEngland for the death of Queen Elizabeth. Not only politics and institutions, also it sport expressed his condolences for the death of His Majesty. For example, during the Europa League matches last night, Uefa pointed out a minute of silence in memory of the recently deceased sovereign. But what was Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with the world of sports? When she was crowned, in 1952, al Tour de France Gino was fighting each other Bartali and Fausto Coppi (won by the latter). The following year Tazio died Nuvolariwhile in football to dominate were stars of the caliber of Ferenc Puskas and Stanley Matthews.

The moment Queen Elizabeth II handed the World Cup to Bobby Moore in 1966. (Twitter)

Elizabeth II, the Queen of football and other sports

Despite not being an avid fan, during the boom years of the Premier League several rumors spread about his football sympathy. According to the Daily Mirror, the Queen Elizabeth she had a certain sympathy for the West Hamderiving from the time of Ron Greenwood, who won the FA Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup with the Hammers jersey in 1964 and 1965. In more recent times, however, there are those who swear that His Majesty had a weakness forArsenal, the only team received at Buckingham Palace for tea (in 2007). To confirm this gossip was the captain of the Gunners of the time, Cesc Fabregaswhich revealed: “It seems the Queen follows football and told us she is an Arsenal fan“.

It is certainly no mystery that the royal family has always been very fond of polo, from father George VI to son Carlo to husband Philip of Edinburgh. And thelove for horses has always characterized the life of Queen Elizabeth, who until the age of 90 continued to ride in the Thames park. In addition, as head of state, the Queen presided over the Games Melbourne 1956, Montreal 1976, Calgary 1988, Sydney 2000, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. His participation in the inaugural ceremony alongside Daniel Craig, in the role of James Bondremains in history.

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