Queen Elizabeth, because she was celebrating two birthdays: did you know?

One of the most influential personalities of our time has left us: Elizabeth II, born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. There has been a lot of talk about her, but not everyone knows that the Queen celebrated two birthdays about her Majesty. This is the reason for this bizarre tradition.

There are many curiosities about the life of the Queen of the United Kingdom. For example, did you know that her Majesty had two birthdays? Well yes! The Queen of the United Kingdom did not blow out the candles once a year but twice a year. The first of her in her effective date of birth, April 21, the second of her, (the institutional one) in June.

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Born on April 21st ninety-six years ago, Queen Elizabeth did not celebrate her birthday like all of us, it would have been too simple! But as Queen of the UK, by tradition, she celebrated her special day twice! In fact, her Majesty celebrated her both on her actual day of April 21 and on the second Saturday of June. But do you know why?

For centuries now, for the rulers of the United Kingdom, tradition has it that there is a public and a private celebration. Hence, Queen Elizabeth’s birthday was traditionally celebrated twice a year. As we have already said, the first of her in the actual date of her birth, the second in June.

The institution of the double birthday for the rulers of the United Kingdom has rather ancient origins. It even dates back to the time of King Edward VII. The reason? Simple climatic requirements!

In fact, the monarch’s birthday fell in November and, often, the celebrations took place in the rain and in the cold. Considering that at that time, without TV or social media, public celebrations of this type were one of the few coins of closeness between the people and the sovereign, the official date of the monarch’s birth was moved to spring. This ensured that there was a better chance of good weather for the celebration ceremony.

The institutional birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth solofinanza.it

As per tradition, therefore, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth also had her institutional birthday. The festivities were held every year, on the second Saturday in June, and were celebrated with the traditional military parade Trooping The Color.

The spectacular military parade in central London, in which more than 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and a band of 400 musicians take part. And that celebrates the official birthdays of British sovereigns with 41 cannon shots by the armed forces.

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