Queen Elizabeth II, the last images shortly before her death

Elizabeth II died yesterday8 September 2022, but they are already circulating the last photos that portrayed her a few days before her disappearance. A mourning that involves not just the UK, but Worldwide.

At 96, of which 70 as a queen, Elizabeth II yesterday is failedleaving his entire nation in the total dismay. Not only that, messages of condolence and closeness continue to arrive Everywhere in the world. Elizabeth II was the queen of records, a strong, decisive woman, constant in her duties and commitments, marked an era and with his long presence made history.

The official announcement of his death arrived yesterday, late in the afternoon, with these short words: ” The Queen died peacefully in Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen Consort will stay at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow“.

It will happen to Elizabeth II, his son Carlo who will take the name of Charles III.

Elizabeth II, the last images shortly before her missing death

The photo before the disappearance

Just a few days before, Queen Elizabeth II was immortalized in a series of shotsshared on social networks by the Royal Family, during the meetings a Balmoral with the newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Trussnamed after outgoing predecessor Boris Johnson.

Elizabeth II appears tired, physically tested, with a stick alongside, but always smiling and readyable once again to address the many institutional commitments. It strikes the detail of the hand, which appears livid, almost dark, fragile. A signal, perhaps, of the poor health that the Queen was living and suffering in those hours.

Elizabeth II last photos

Corriere della Sera himself hypothesizes a series of reasons linked to this bruise: ” infusions, treatments, transfusions, to help the sovereign to do her job, to the end, as Elisabetta always said she wanted to do “. The medical staff, aware of the tenacity and the desire to face everyday life with all its commitments and duties, tried to help the Queen as much as possiblegiving her all the necessary care.

The next few days and weeks will be filled with engagements and of celebrations for the English nation. With her passing, Elizabeth II left a great lack in the hearts of his subjects.

These last photos that portray her testify the great spirit and strength despite everything, beyond the 96 years and the precarious health conditions. Physical frailty has never scratched the strength of the soul. A Queen true, until the end.

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