Queen Elizabeth kills Harry and Meghan: the decision upsets everyone

Queen Elizabeth would have decided to kill Prince Harry and his Meghan Markle: the latest decision displaces everyone.

Queen Elizabeth’s latest decision would have left everyone speechless. Once again it’s about Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. In fact, the two would have been made out of his majesty: so let’s find out what happened.

The incredible decision of Her Majesty (via Ansa Foto)

There Queen Elizabeth at 96 and in poor health, he decided to revise some parts of his will. The document would have been retouched in these days that the monarch has to deal with some ailments and that have pushed her to absolute replies. The tabloids Star and International Business Time reported the first news about it. According to the two newspapers, in fact, her Majesty would have decided to kill some members of her large family.

In the first place within the will there would be no reference to Lilibet Diana, the daughter of Harry and Meghan born in June 2021. In fact, the Queen would have seen the baby only once in her life, on the occasion of the recent Platinum Jubilee and therefore she had no way to bond much with the baby. It was from this detail that the choice would have arisen to leave nothing to little Lilibet Diana.

The Queen’s legacy obviously includes precious and historical royal jewels such as luxurious tiaras, rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches. According to the latest rumors, Elizabeth would have chosen to leave all her jewels, pearls and gems to Kate Middleton and her daughter, Princess Charlotte, born in 2015. So it is clear to everyone how the wife of the Prince William left her mark on Elizabeth despite not having even a drop of blue blood.

Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan are also out of the will: the latest

Queen Elizabeth
A snapshot of the royal of England (via Facebook)

According to what was leaked by the tabloids, the value of the Queen’s jewels should be around 110 million dollars. In addition to the precious items in Elizabeth’s will there are also about 300 personal items that will be shared equally among her family. In fact, her assets will be divided among all her family members except for Meghan And Harry. They too, like their daughter Lilibet Diana, were excluded from Elizabeth’s will.

Together with the three, the eldest son was also excluded Archie from the legacy that the Queen will leave. An exclusion that is not too surprising given that Harry and Meghan they have decided to say goodbye to the English crown and to defy their royal commitments. The couple, as we all remember, distanced themselves from the Royals of England, moving to the US to seek their fortune away from the Crown.

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