Queen Elizabeth protagonist of the first speech of King Charles III: “Thank you, my beloved mother”

Black suit, the same one worn for his first public appearance as a king, in the crowd that awaited him in London, shining eyes, visibly tried but firm, as befits a king: so he appeared Charles III in his first speech to the nation, broadcast live on TV from Buckingham Palace.

Charles III’s first speech to the nation © Getty Images.

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Almost absolute protagonist, the mother who has just passed away, ideally there with him in one of his iconic pastel overcoats, smiling in a photo strategically placed on the desk. To the mother, even before being queen, went the thanks of Charles, who knew that one day he would be called to the throne, but that – more than understandably – he appeared a bit bewildered upon his arrival at the Palazzo. The new king, 74 years old next November, is moved when he thanks his darling mama, his dear mother.

He does it twice, to reiterate the importance of that passage, and it is easy to imagine him as a child, a little neglected, by his own admission, but then an adult very united with The Queenespecially in recent decades, after the years of scandals. «I speak to you today with feelings of deep pain. Throughout her life, Her Majesty the Queen, my dear mother, has been an inspiration and an example to me and the rest of my family, and we owe her the most sincere debt a family can owe to a mother, for his love, affection, guidance, understanding and example », underlined Carlo, holding back his tears. “As she did with such unshakable devotion, I also now solemnly commit myselffor all the remaining time that God will grant me, to uphold the constitutional principles that are at the heart of our nation ».

The new king’s speech was followed across the country © Getty Images.

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