Rai earthquake, Stefano De Martino’s show skips: unfortunately we won’t see him there again | Here’s what happened – the Democrat

Apparently a Rai show that had been entrusted to the guide of Stefano De Martino is officially skipped. The news did not please his fans very much, as they were extremely curious about the new program in question

At the end of a long period in which his name returned to the top of the headlines of the main gossip magazines, now the spotlight has turned back on Stephen regarding his professional career. The talented dancer from Torre Annunziata has amply demonstrated that he is capable of performing, not only on the dance floor but also on the stage.

Stefano De Martino (Websource)

In fact, recently De Martino became the protagonist of a theatrical comedy entitled “What a couple the three of us”, where he worked alongside Biagio Izzo and Francesco Paolantoni. A few months ago you also made your debut in the cinema, in a film directed by Andrea Zalone entitled “The most beautiful day”released in Italian cinemas on June 9th.

At the same time, his career as a TV host is going on well. Rai is in fact giving a lot of confidence to Belen’s young boyfriend, who has presented various programs in the last period such as the “Tim Summer Hits”.

Stefano De Martino, Rai removes its program from the schedule: the decision leaves everyone perplexed

The cancellation of “Sing sing sing”a broadcast that had been entrusted to Stefano De Martino, took the viewers of the Rai channels by surprise. In fact, many are wondering the reason for this unexpected decisiontrying to formulate various hypotheses in this regard, since no one has explained the actual reasons in an official way.

Stefano De Martino (Websource)

A theory was placed on the weekly “NuovoTv” column managed by Alessandro Cecchi Paone. A reader named Raffaela assumed that the sudden choice could be due to the fear of a possible flop. The well-known Roman journalist, however, replied, denying the theory of the aforementioned reader: “The real reasons for the cancellation of the program are others”.

Cecchi Paone then added that it would be nice if a flop could even be foreseen, given that if that were the case “everything would always be fine on television”. The truth behind the cancellation of the format therefore remains shrouded in mystery at the moment. Stefano’s fans, however, will be able to console themselves knowing that the young conductor will return again this year at the helm of “Tonight everything is possible”Rai Due program that presents starting from 2019.

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