Red arrow in the dashboard, it has a specific function: you would never have guessed that

We are all car experts now, but do we really know what the red arrow in the dashboard is for? Not everyone knows this gem, it’s really curious.

Car interior – Pixabay


Cars have undergone an incredible change in over the years. There is a great desire to experiment and renew the vehicle that has always helped us in moving. Often nothing is enough for our car to become almost obsolete and the need to buy a new one is concrete, not only for the desire to have the latest model.

Many pieces have changed to make driving easier for us; think of the gearbox – manual or automatic – and other components that have now become electronic. The same can be said partially about the dashboard: if on the one hand it has been modernized and made attractive, especially by some car manufacturers, on the other there are elements remained unchanged.

Red dashboard arrow, incredible meaning

red arrow dashboard motif
illuminated dashboard – Pixabay

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Just look at any dashboard to realize how absolutely nothing has changed over the decades: it is enough to compare an old car and a new one to see how there are the same elements. From the odometer, to the speed we travel until we reach the level of petrol which is signaled to avoid running out of water, marking the quantum present in the tank.

Of course, when you drive your car you know it and therefore certain indications are – how to say – superfluous, but when you buy a new car or it is loaned you do not have certain fundamental information such as understanding where the tank is to do gas. Often something that easy can become stressful.

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Cars that have it on the right, others on the left and others in the hood, so how do you find this information? From the dashboard, precisely by the red arrow that indicates not only the petrol but also on which side it is necessary to refuel, just follow the direction of the arrow, from the side that indicates we will understand when refueling the car without complications. A very useful tip to get useful information when driving, avoiding any form of panic.

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