Remember the alien from Avanti Un Altro? He didn’t deserve this fag

The program conducted by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti entitled Come on another one! he is, without a shadow of a doubt, among the most followed by Italian viewers, including the very young. Let’s find out who was the interpreter ofalieno and what happened to it today.

In addition to the strong and now well-known sympathy of the two hosts, the public has also learned to become attached to all the characters that make up the famous “minimondo”, among which we cannot fail to mention the beloved “alien”. What is man doing today?

The alien of Avanti un Altro in transmission

The programs of entertainment they are certainly among the most popular with the Italian public, which is why, over the years, this category of broadcasts has been expanded more and more, expanding – as they say – “like wildfire”. It is not for nothing that today it is possible to choose from a very wide range not only of variety, but also of reality TV and game show. Among them, one of the most famous and followed of all is Come on another one!broadcast on Canale 5 in the early evening at the helm of which there are Paolo Bonolis And Luca Laurenti. To support the two conductors, who are also great friends, and to entertain the public at home there are the characters of the so-called “minimondo”, each of which has a very specific role within the program so loved by Italian families.

The “Alien”, a character from the “minimondo”

In this regard, remember the nice “Alien“? The one who kept us company with his funny performances during the first seasons? Well, here is all there is to know, to date, about the interpreter of this character. The character of Come on another one! that during the first editions made us entertain so much, was masterfully interpreted by Leonardo Tricarico, a man from a town in the province of Bari, married and father of a family. Leonardo held the role of the “Alien” until 2017. Therefore it is five years that this character no longer appears in the episodes of the well-known game show. The motivation could be attributable, according to rumors, to the new figures who, over the years, have joined the “minimondo”, which would have gone to substitute the sympathetic “Alien”forced to stay at home at this point.

What happened to the actor?

If you are wondering what happened to Tricarico, to date, nobody He knows. From so much visibility he has come to disappear completely into thin air, could it have been the effect of his magic? Joking aside, the viewers certainly did not expect him to not only leave the program that had undoubtedly given him so much fame, but that he would not even decide to permanently leave the scene. Plus his Social profiles where it was quite active, they have not been updated for some time.

What happened to the alien from Avanti Un Altro?
The last Social post in which the alien appeared…

During the presentation of the new Mediaset schedules, Come on another one! was reconfirmed, which is why for the 2023 another amusing and very hilarious edition of the program is planned. There will certainly be news, and one of them has already been announced by Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis and owner of the production agency that deals with this transmission. To make the entrance to the game show there will be a new entry, that is, the former gieffina Sophie Codegoniwho was assigned the role of “Bonas“.

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