residents in panic in China, on social scenes of screams and despair

There is the earthquakebut going out is forbidden for the lockdown linked to the pandemic of Covid: and residents panic, with scenes of despair immortalized on social media. It is unbelievable what is happening in China in the city of Chengduthe capital of the southwestern province of Sichuan, struck yesterday by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 65 people.

To some residents it was prevented from fleeing their homes due to the lockdown decided to contain Covid: the Chinese authorities have imposed the blockade in the city since last week in the name of the ‘Zero Covid’ policy, a measure that not even the earthquake has managed to loosen, arousing anger and disbelief in citizens. Some residents in Chengdu, which is home to 21 million inhabitants, say they were told yesterday to stay inside their homes – reports the BBC – and when they tried to leave they found the doors closed.

According to the ‘Zero Covid’ policy, condominiums in which at least one person has tested positive are designated as “sealed areas” and residents are prohibited from setting foot outside their homes, regardless of whether they have the virus or not. THE videos shared on Douyinthe Chinese platform TikTok, show panicked residents behind chained gates, who scream to get out. In one of these a man yells at the security guards, rattling what appear to be the gates to his apartment and trying to open it: “Hurry up, open the door, it’s an earthquake!” In response, the guards say: “It’s over, the earthquake has already passed.”

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