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In Sofia, the 18-year-old from Marche signs a triple triumph: an Italian had never become world champion in an individual competition. Bronze on the clubs

Sofia Raffaeli the new world champion at the ribbon at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Sofia in Bulgaria, after having won the double gold in the circle and in the exercise with the ball. The 18-year-old blue succeeds the Belarusian Alina Harnasko, gold in kitakyushu 2021, thanks to a score of 32,650. Silver to the Bulgarian Stiliana Nikolova and bronze to the Slovenian Vedeneeva. This is the third world gold for the champion from Chiaravalle, called the atomic ant for her slender but terribly explosive physique.

Before the success at the ribbon, Sofia Raffaeli had also climbed on the podium at the clubs, winning the bronze medal with a score of 31,850. Two losses in one mastery, the first, and in a risk the second, held back the 18-year-old from Chiaravalle. Gold for the German Darja Varfolomeev (33,550) who succeeds the Russian Dina Averina, who won in 2021 at the World Cup in Japan. Silver to the home athlete Stiliana Nikolova (32,600). Fifth FGI placement in the Bulgarian review, ninth overall medal in federal history.

Behind Sofia’s successes there are eight hours of training a day in the Fabriano gym (she lives in Chiaravalle, in the province of Ancona, but during the week she lives next to the plant in order not to waste time) which, until last June, were stuck with the lessons at the Human Sciences High School where the Marchigiana graduated. And which, of course, did not allow her to enjoy a single minute of vacation once she finished high school, as many of her peers could. After the World Cup then it will be time for the University

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