Rich heiress kidnapped while jogging in the park

Still no trace of Eliza Fletcher34 year old teacher kidnapped last Friday while he was jogging around the campus of the university of Memphis.

Cameras in the area show a man approaching Eliza and, after a fight, her forces you to get into an SUV dark. The phone of the woman was then found destroyed together with his bottle of water in front of a university residence.

Now, while the police already have 38-year-old Cleotha Abston is arrestedwho lives in the apartment in front of which the offending car was parked and who was released from jail in 2020 after more than 20 years for the kidnapping of a lawyer, in the area of ​​the kidnapping a corpse appearson which at the moment there is no information, and which, however, tinges even more yellow a story with still poorly defined outlines.

Eliza Fletcher, who is also mother of two children, belongs to a well-known family in Memphis. His grandfather, Joseph “Joe” Orgill III, was the entrepreneur who led Orgill inc, one of the largest independent hardware distributors in the world, a company that has a turnover of $ 3.3 billion, has 5,500 employees and ranks 143rd. place in the Forbes ranking on the largest private companies in the United States.

Orgill III was also a philanthropist, who donated significant sums to the city’s cultural institutions, parks and hospitals.

As for the kidnapping of Eliza, about which the family said they were ready for one reward of 50 thousand dollars for anyone offering useful information, however, the police have found evidence that “he has suffered serious injuries”.

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