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There is a hacker attack that has gone a little quietly. Yet it should worry us because the GSE, the Energy Services Manager, has quickly become a state company that is decisive for our energy stability. He is using 4 billion of public money handed over to him by the shareholder Ministry of the Treasury to buy methane on the market, mainly from Eni and Snam, at the crazy prices of these months to fill the stocks and secure the system for next winter. A sort of last resort balancer in coordination with Snam, which manages the transport network under concession, and is a stacker of nine sites. In the night between 28 and 29 August, however, it suffered a heavy violation that the same company, in a note sent to its customers and suppliers, defines a “new generation ransomware” of Russian origin. The perpetrators of the attack struck, says the GSE,: 1) Network; 2) Client; 3) Application infrastructure; 4) File server; 5) E-mail systems.

A violation from which she has still not been able to recover altogether, to the extent of admitting that “all the necessary analysis and verification activities are still underway by particularly qualified suppliers at international level to restore full operation of the information services as soon as possible”. For this reason, the GSE, led by the sole director Andrea Ripa di Meana, believes that it cannot “exclude that the serious attack suffered may have involved personal and particular data in the ownership of the GSE for any reason”. And he invites “all interested parties that there may be a risk that the personal passwords used to access the GSE systems are among the possible stolen data. In this regard, we inform you that as soon as the systems are reactivated, the GSE will provide, with a specific communication, to have the mandatory password change made to access its services. Furthermore, until a different communication is made to restart the e-mail, which will be given publicly, we invite you to pay the utmost attention to the e-mails that in these days seem to be traced back to the GSE and which could instead constitute phishing attempts “.

Precisely in the days when the GSE is waiting for an implementing decree of the Ministry for Ecological Transition which would enable him to buy and sell medium-term energy, in order to then be able to sell it at controlled prices to energy-intensive companies.The idea is to transfer the proceeds of what is obtained on the Power Exchange to the high-consumption industry, with gas that shot up to 500 euros megawatt hour. The ministry is estimating the production costs from renewable source plants in order to then retrocede that energy only at the production cost by stipulating, according to an April law, three-year contracts also in the form of physical delivery.

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