Rome, the unexpected decision of Wijnaldum surprises clubs and fans

Rome, the unexpected decision taken by Georginio Wijnaldum surprised all the professionals of the Giallorossi world. Starting from the club up to the fans themselves

Georginio Wijnaldum (Photo LaPresse)

Arrived amid the enthusiasm of the Giallorossi public, for the moment, however, the only presence on the field of the footballer framed in the photo is only in the victorious away match of the Giallorossi team in Salerno against Nicola’s grenade. On that occasion the coach made him debut a few minutes from the end of the match where he showed some good things. The same cannot be said in the home match against Cremonese, but on that occasion he did not participate: obviously not because of him.

Georginio Wijnaldum was the victim of a very bad injury, in training, procured by Felix Afena-Gyan who did his calculations too badly and intervened too impetuously on the tibia of the former Liverpool and Paris Saint Germain: for him he fractured the tibia and returned to the field for next year. Not only that: he will miss the world championship with the Netherlands in Qatar and he will not be able to give his help to the new team in this season that promises to be too complicated. In the last few minutes, however, news has arrived that concerns him all too closely: his injury.

Rome, Wijnaldum does not operate: it returns in 2023

Wijnaldum's decision surprises everyone
Georginio Wijnaldum (Photo LaPresse)

The footballer has decided to do not undergo any surgery. The news was communicated, just a few minutes ago, by ‘Sky Sports‘with a tweet directly from your official social account. A decision made these days. Wijnaldum has no intention of surgery. The return to the field, as previously reported, is foreseen directly for the 2023.

In two months it will be clear whether there has been any progress on his condition. The only certain thing, it seems, is that it will stand still for at least four months. He decided to opt for conservative therapy. Meanwhile, messages of support from his fans also arrive: “You will come back stronger than before“.

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