Romina Carrisi, all the love for Stefano Rastelli

Last April the first rumors came out: Romina Carrisi photographed happy and smiling alongside Stefano Rastelli, director of Today is another daythe Rai program of Serena Bortone which they both worked on. A new love story? The two came out of the closet last June, al 35th birthday of her, celebrated first in a restaurant in Trasteverethen in another room not far away.

A fun party he attended the Carrisi family almost full: there were dads Al Bano and mom Romina Power, of course, in addition to the sisters Cristel and Jasmine. It was the birthday girl who told the event on social networks, among one group sung and a photo hugged to her partner. Now, however, it is he who shares on Instagram a tender shot that immortalizes him on a bench with his girlfriend.

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By the way, just in the last few hoursRomina Carrisi ended up in the spotlight for exclusion from dancing with the Stars. “Did I feel bad? Of course. But I have learned to accept the no with extreme elegance», He wrote in a story, explaining the fact. «The official reason for the decision by the production was that I did a reality show in 2005 (The Island of the Famouswith dad Al Bano, ed) ».

«I’m sorry that a decision made with unconsciousness of my 18 years can still burn at 35 », he concluded. «I can only appreciate their consistency and wish him the best ». A disappointment that definitely will sweep away together with her boyfriend, 52, father of two daughters. According to the reconstruction of gossipthe love story would be born almost for funwith a playful kiss before Easter in a restaurant of Maccarese.

A relationship that, at a distance of nearly five months from that kiss, it seems to go at full speed.

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